Airport Meet and Greet Service. Your chauffeur will arrive at the airport at the time your flight lands. We use flight tracker software to track flight arrival times to ensure on-time pickups. You will meet your chauffeur at the carousel for your flight near the baggage claim. Your chauffeur will have an Elite Chicago Limousine sign with your last name on it. He/She will be happy to assist you with the luggage and may also arrange for sky cap service for groups with extra luggage.

Airport Charters. Your billing time starts when your plane lands. This is also the time your chauffeur will arrive at zero level. Most airport pickups going to strip hotels can be completed in 1 hour, however under certain circumstances such as traffic, the trip may take longer and there may be an additional charge for overtime.

Limo Child Seats. If you are traveling with a small child or children that require child safety seats you will be required to provide the seats and install them in the vehicle. Due to safety regulations, our chauffeurs are not permitted to assist in the installation of the seats.

Vehicle Types And Luggage Capacity. To ensure a comfortable ride, we ask our clients to inform us of any irregular luggage sizes and shapes. We will then make sure that we have the necessary helper tools and vehicle size to safely transport your belongings in the vehicle. The luggage capacity depends on the vehicle choice and the number of passengers seated in the limousine.

chicago limousine airport service